28 November 2010

Follow the Leader(s)

I stumbled across blogging a few months ago when I typed in my living room paint color and hoped to find some complimenting paint colors for my kitchen.  I found references to these paint colors on a blog named Young House Love.  I started following them and reading their posts daily.

From YHL, I found Bower Power and Nesting Place.

(If I knew how to do screen shots, I would put some visuals up here for you)

I also keep up with my cousin, Laura, through her blog, LPC Interiors.

I am sure you have noticed something.  All of these blogs are major home DIY blogs.  Yes.  And they came around at just the right time.  After Rusty and I poured every cent into a nice down payment for the house, it was up to me to find ways to decorate it without breaking the budget.

I mean, we have been married for over 7 years, but we never really "lived" anywhere.  When we moved to Jacksonville, we lived with the mindset that we would be moving in less than 2 years.  We bought a used couch, love seat, desk, washer, dryer and a new mattress and kitchen table.  We moved back to Georgia with just the kitchen table and mattress.  In 2 years, we never put one nail hole in the wall for decor.

Then, we moved into the lovely "cabin" totaling about 300 square feet. 

(this is after we moved out and the next moved in)

Seriously, it is as small as it looks.  Through good times and bad times, we made it 3 years in that cabin.  Both the cabin and the generosity of our families got us into Sadie Court!

Oh - If you're doing the math and know the Jacksonville house and the cabin only total 5 years of our 7 married years, you would be correct.  He lived on a ship, and I lived in my bedroom for the first 2 years of marriage, hehe.

I digress....

The blogs that I started following have given me so much inspiration over the last few months.  I have completely transformed the bare, builder-beige, walls of this new construction home to a cozy home for the two of us.  Just like any good teacher, I have stolen so many ideas from blogs!  Reading these blogs on a daily basis gave me the urge to write one.  I know that my family and friends love to keep up with what we are doing, and we all don't get to talk as often as we would like to.  I also have lots of friends who like some of the DIY projects that I have done recently, and I would just love to pay it forward and inspire something in their home.

I don't know why you have chosen to follow me or read this, but I hope that something catches your eye!


  1. I did enjoy our trip to the Galapagos and I loved the quaint mountain cabin! I am looking forward to seeing pics from the nuevo casa de Transue and your creativity hard at work.

  2. I know. Now it is the best of both worlds! You and Ramos need to come up here!

  3. To take a screen shot, there is a button on your keyboard that does it. It is PrtSC, which stands for Print Screen. So hit this button, which will put a picture of the screen on your clipboard. Then open Microsoft PowerPoint or a photo/drawing software and click on a blank slide/canvas (you will need to create it first), then paste, that is, press CTRL+V. This will paste the picture of the screen shot. Then you can just save the file. If you are working in PowerPoint, right-click your mouse and select save as picture. Save it as jpg. Good luck!

  4. @Alfred the Pug - Nice to meet you! Thanks for the tip. I can't wait to try it!


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