02 August 2011

College Dorm Room Decor

Last weekend, one of my former students and I held a marathon crafting night to get her all set up for college.  Together, we had collected many ideas...mostly from Pinterest.  After about 6 hours of cutting, gluing, painting and mod podging plus some enchiladas and brownies, we ended up with all of these awesome pieces:
She bought a light gray duvet cover from Ikea and chose these bright colors for accents.
This is an upholstered headboard for a twin bed that we made out of FOAMCORE, 1" foam that we doubled and batting.  We covered some buttons in a light cream and tufted the headboard.  This will work perfectly for her dorm room since she can't put any holes into the walls.  We just looped some ribbon on the back to make a hook to hang from command strips!
Amber also bought one of these $5.00 lamps from Wal-Mart.  We just took some extra fabric from the headboard and made some little rosettes with ribbon accents.
For some quick door decor, we mod podged this letter A with some scrapbook and tied a ribbon loop.
I got this bunk bed ladder at a garage sale for $1.00.  We sprayed it with spray paint and used the belt sander to rough it up a little.  Since she won't have a lot of floor space in her room, she plans to use this ladder to take advantage of some vertical space.  She will hang her purses, hats, scarves, throw blankets, etc on this ladder.

Inspired by this picture on Pinterest, we decided to make some cheap art with the toilet paper rolls I have been saving for the last few months.
Literally, we sprayed some flat canvases with spray paint or used some acrylic paints for a base color and glued contrasting painted toilet paper roll clippings to the canvas.  The designs are limitless!!  I love the girly flowers she went with.  That blue color with white flowers really made me want one of my own!  Hanging on a wall, it truly looks elegant.

It was a great night of collaborating with ideas and techniques.  I can't wait for her to get to college, set up and send me some pictures of everything together!

And wouldn't a slipcover for under $49.99 from UglySofa.com look great over a beat up couch in a dorm room!  My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia is hosting a KILLER giveaway!  Check it out here!

What about you?  Did you live in a dorm room during college?  Remember your color scheme or decor?  I lived at home and commuted, so my high school bedroom followed me into college! 

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