26 July 2011

Bedside Bling...

Without much of a budget and nothing really rushing me, I have been tinkering around in the guest room since the recent overhaul.  So what do I do?  I just roam around the house and start grabbing what I have.  I knew that I wanted to flank the bed with tables of some sort, but I don't have any.  I threw this $14.00 thrift store chair beside the bed and love how it could function as a table!
For now, I threw a $5.00 yard sale end table (that is in desperate need of painting) on the other side with a $4.00 consignment shop lamp.
I love the curves of this lamp.  Those same curves are on the vase that I placed on the chair, actually... I guess I like big bottoms, haha.
There isn't a lot of space in the room after we put in a queen size bed.  I think the room is 10' x 11'.  A day bed would be perfect for the size of the space, but not in function.  We mostly have lovely romantic couples like us who need enough room to rhomp in when they stay over (did I just say that?!)...so... god save the queen...size bed.  Anywho....I am thinking a sweet little campaign desk on this wall would be so perfect!
For this room, I would need a more narrow desk, but I am thinking this is completely DIYable...
Oh!  I don't know exactly where these will go, but they were $4.97 at Wal-Mart in the college section.  They had this chrome color and a brushed nickel color and a lot of empty rows that I am sure were filled with different colors.  They had about 5 or 6 different color shades that you could also mix and match up at $4.97 each.  Yesterday, I grabbed 2 to move around the house and think I will keep them no matter what.  They are so small and cute and big bottomed and can be sprayed any color!
Happy Tuesday!  This is my last wee of freedom...I start back to work next Friday :(


  1. ok.. i'm loving the chair as side table! throw a small tray on it to hold the 'whatevers' and call it done! i know you'll give the other table some love with color.. and it's perfect fit too! as for desk idea.. ikea has a really SLIM desk that would work very well. it's metal, but i'm sure with some imagination & clever design tricks, you could make it work!

  2. Love the chair beside the bed. So fresh and beachy. And I'm a sucker for a big-bottomed lamp, too! Yours are great finds.

  3. OH the guest room is lovely! I really think you need to make a trip to Indiana because I am in desperate need of inspiration. We now have a bit more space but I seem to be drawing a blank despite supposedly having an idea of how I wanted it completed.

    I can't wait to see what you come up with for a campaign table. Just out of curiosity.... do you think the legs off a "t.v. tray" would work for a base?

    Enjoy the rest of your week off!!

  4. I like the chair nest to the bed. Please don't remove it unless you have had some guests over to see and appreciate it.
    I sure the side table there will be DIYed well by you.

  5. The chair is a heart stealer.. Its simply awesome.. Loved it..


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