29 October 2012

Halloween Front Porch Decorations

It’s only a few days until the Halloween.  Are you carving your pumpkins and getting your candy ready? Here are some pictures of our front porch this year: Halloween Front Door 3
Halloween Front Porch 008
This Party City spider is a favorite!
Halloween Front Door 2Halloween Front Door
For $5.00, our Martha Stewart mice have been a hit with everyone who sees them.  We laminated them at school, so we could use them for years.
Halloween Front Porch 002Halloween Front Porch 003Halloween Front Porch 004Halloween Front Porch 006
Even UGA got a little makeover with some gauze and leftover cheesecloth fabric.
Halloween Front Porch 001
Mummy UGA 2Mummy UGA
The 1st year we moved into our neighborhood, we got so excited about trick-or-treaters that we ran out and stocked up on candy. We got a whopping ZERO kiddos that year. Last year, we were gone until pretty late at night and bought no candy. Right as we pulled into the driveway, two of our neighbor girls came over to trick-or-treat. Nervously, I dug through our cabinets for something. I saw two Reese's cups, but I passed over them knowing my sweet tooth would kick in soon and grabbed something else instead. Secretly, I dropped two 90 calorie chocolate chip Fiber One bars into their bags. I am hoping it got all mixed in with their other loot and no one was the wiser! True story.

Happy Halloween!

24 October 2012

Framed Halloween Art and Chalkboard Messages

Some of the easiest decorating I did this Halloween was to shop my home for black and white accessories to pull together this mantelscape and tablescape and transform the art in my frames.  Between buying a few packages of Dollar Store Halloween die cuts and printing off a few free printables from The Graphics Fairy, I came up with another cheap look!

“I love you so much it’s scary” It doesn’t scream “obsessed” that I put this on Rusty’s nightstand, does it?
Halloween Framed Art 3
I scattered a few die cut owls on ledges….
Halloween Bathroom
and mirrors…..
Halloween Decorations on Mirror
and in frames….I also added in a few black and white family pictures to keep with the theme. (I love you, E.I. and Papa)
Halloween Framed Art 2
I changed out the art in parts of my gallery wall…
Halloween Framed Art
Don’t forget to add some spooky messages to your chalkboards, too!

For my guests in the guest bedroom…
Halloween Chalkboard Message 3
The message in the dining room…
Halloween Chalkboard Message
Halloween Chalkboard Message 2
If you stick to making simple, inexpensive changes to your home, you won’t be overwhelmed to change out your d├ęcor for seasons that only last about 31 days!

23 October 2012

Halloween Spider Curtains

I absolutely love what I have to share today!  When I started decorating the house, I tried to find something quick and easy to do to our breakfast nook.  Here is what I came up with:
Halloween Curtains 2Halloween Curtains 3Halloween Curtains 4Halloween Curtains 5Halloween Curtains
To replicate this look, pick up a $1.00 pack of paper spiders at the Dollar Store and some double sided tape.  I just placed them on the curtains and tried to randomly organize them to look like they are all creeping out of one corner.  This idea gives you a huge bang for your buck without breaking your wallet!

22 October 2012

Halloween Tablescape

A few weeks ago, I set our table for Halloween. 
Halloween Tablescape
I decided to shop our house for black and white accessories to keep the theme matching my mantelscape.
Halloween Tablescape 3
Runner – Dollar Store Halloween Fabric
Black Birds – Pottery Barn Outlet
Sugar Skull Plates – Homegoods
Skull Candleholders – Homegoods
Candlesticks – Thrift Store
Placemats – Z Gallery
Halloween 2012 025
A little white spray paint and a black Sharpie works wonders….
Halloween Tablescape 4
Halloween Tablescape 2

21 October 2012

Halloween Mantelscape

For the first time ever, I pulled together some decorations for Halloween.  I use a lot of blues and greens in my house, and I felt that orange would clash too much.  I decided to shop for black and white items from all over the house and bought a few items from some different stores to pull together this look for Halloween.Halloween Mantlescape 5
I bought the creepy black fabric from The Dollar Tree.  The clock was $4.99 from Hobby Lobby.  The chain came from Party City on sale for $5.99.  The skull is a $3.99 Wal-Mart purchase. 
Halloween Mantlescape 2Halloween Mantlescape 4Halloween Mantlescape 3
I loved making these little ghosts out of cheesecloth, water and corn starch.  Check out the easy tutorial here at Love and Laundry.
Halloween Mantlescape
Coming up this week, I have more Halloween posts including framed Halloween Art, a Halloween Tablescape, some easy front porch decorations and a unique set of Haloween Curtains. 
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