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Mr. and Mrs. {twenty} something
I am Heather Transue, and this is my husband, Rusty.  Our story all started when we were 18 and 19 and on summer break from college.  Once summer romance turned into rearranging his Navy orders and my college schedule to put girl and boy together as soon as possible.  We married one month after I turned 20 and one month before he turned 21 and have grown into a wonderful seven year marriage.

During the last few years of his Navy enlistment and my college degree, we bought our first house in Jacksonville, Florida.  I got my 1st teaching job and we made some amazing new friends.  In this home, we bought a used couch and loveseat, a new queen mattress and a  new table and 6 chairs and never put a hole in the wall.  We kept the pink bathroom (I mean pink - tile, tub, walls, sink and counter) and the mirrored closet doors and gladly moved after we fulfilled his Navy commitment and my 1st year of teaching leaving it the same way.

Choosing to make Dahlonega, Ga our home (a.k.a. The Promise Land, a.k.a. The Land of Milk and Honey), we moved into what we call "The Cabin" while we tried to rent/sell our Florida home.  Let me describe the cabin.  My grandmother called it the "Doll House".  My friends called it "The Tree House".  I heard someone describe it as "The Lean-To".  Just imagine.  One room.  350 square feet.  You could stir the soup on the stove top while lying in bed.  I am not lying.  Stop laughing (see pictures here).  While making for an interesting 3 years, it did allow us to pay off all debt, save like crazy and purchase our "starter" home about 15 minutes down the road (after 7 years of marriage)!  I would not trade that experience/blessing for anything in the world!

Now we are releasing every ounce of creativity and know-how that we locked up in the cabin!  I started this blog to keep family and friends updated on our progress.  I hope that along the way y'all might find something that you feel fits your style that you can replicate in your home.  I am not a full time blogger, and my hubby is not a full time honey-do'er!  We are both high school teachers and loving parents to two rescued Basset Hounds, Hank and Dagny (read all about them here).

We hope that you enjoy reading about our daily trials and triumphs as we turn this house into a home (see pictures here)!

Happy Reading,
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