Our Dogs

We are pleased to introduce you to Hank and Dagny:
After being married for about 1 year, Dagny waltzed into my life right off the streets.  Rusty was  deployed, so she got to know him via pictures.  Within another year, Hank bopped off the streets to complete our family.  They are both full blooded Basset Hounds.  We believe they were probably born in 2001, so we celebrate their birthdays on our wedding anniversary.

They enjoy sleeping in the sun most of the day.  We normally catch them cuddling on their doggie beds.  They are true lovers.  

They had 5 puppies at Christmas 2005 that our friends adopted. 

They have "hounded" off a few times when they found an irresistible scent trail.  Just recently, they Houdinied out and returned home 6 days later.  Together.

Here are a few more pictures:
Noticing a trend?
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