28 July 2011

Decorating With River Birch

I just wanted to share a few pictures of my entryway bench.
Before last week, I just had the two blue baskets.  The middle one was empty due to loaning it out, and it started to look lonely to me.  I got this idea stolen from Pottery Barn totally original idea and decided to fill it with some wood.
But not just any wood.
River Birch.
I love it!  I called up my childhood girlfriend, Holli, and she and her husband went to her dad's property and harvested some wood for me.  She passed it off to me last week when we met up for dinner, and that same day, I cut it up to the dimensions of my middle cubby.
I am loving it!
And I just found this tutorial on how to make a cushion for this bench....
And we also saved a little branch for this project:
Love Logs!

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  1. super cute.. Heather! your blog is awesome.. Totally loved it here.. Im now your newest follower and am hoping you'll pop into say hello to me at Colours Dekor.. :-)


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