27 July 2011

Coffee Table...er...Situation

Over the last few days, I have been analyzing our coffee table.  Well, we really don't have one.  Here is what we have been using since we moved in.
Now - I love this huge basket.  When we first bought it, we had it between our couch and wall.  It functioned as a home for our quilts.  I have no idea what brought it out into the middle of the floor, but I slapped a tray on there and it stayed.

But it's just not working for us.  Here's what I have pinned on
Pinterest for inspiration.
I love this option because it can function as a coffee table, a place to kick up your feet and a place you could sit on if I needed to move it around when we have a full house.

I am currently a MWF seeing a SRCT....let me translate: Married White Female seeking a Short Rectangular Coffee Table that I can upholster.  I am shopping Craigslist, yard sales and thrift stores.  I love the size of the basket, so I am looking for the same size and shape.

Of course, when I find one, that will only begin the torturing part of deciding on a fabric!!!  Anyone want to do a little mood board for fabrics that will work well with Sherwin Williams Ancient Marble walls, nude couches, white curtains and some dark, rich brown woods?  I'll love you forever :)



  1. You can consider keeping that basket upside down but in that case, the handles will have to be taken care of.
    **Aaahhh....Just a thought!!**


  2. I put together some mood boards for you- let me know how I can get them to you. I tried to e-mail them but I couldn't get it to work on my end. Just e-mail me lpcinteriors@gmail.com

  3. Hehe .. love that you are seeking an SRCT. Too funny. I'm a MWF seeking a MCC (medium china cabinet). Good luck.

  4. The basket looks awesome... how about put a glass over it? or a tray over it.. :-)

  5. I love your coffee table basket filled with blankets. It makes it so easy to find something to snuggle into on a cool afternoon to watch chick flicks. Have you thought of getting a piece of glass or that thick sheet plastic ( I forget what its called) to lay over the top? Then you could have your natty basket *and* have someplace to set your drinks and popcorn.
    My coffee table is a tree stump ith wheels that I uhhh ... borrowed from my sister's old apartment building when they cut down a bunch of poorly placed trees a couple years ago. It still "stinks" like poplar sap and the bark is peeling off.
    Good luck finding a nice 'new' coffee table to upholster.


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