02 May 2011

Vote For Me!!!!

Shut the front door and then shut the back door!!!

I made the top ten list for the Knock-It-Off Contest over at Seven-Thirty-Three Blog!!!  Here is the knock off project I entered:
What did I knock off?  These West Elm curtains! 

Here's how voting works:
  • Click on the button to get to the contest page.
  • Click the little star under the picture of my stenciled curtains.
  • Sign onto every computer you have access to and vote again!
  • Tweet and Facebook this to your Army!
Click this button to be directed to the contest for voting!
Voting runs through Friday, May 6th at Midnight!  There are Oh'Mazing prizes for the winner and 1st runner up.

Thanks for your support!  I actually won!!!


  1. oh, i loved these! i have been looking for new curtains for our new apartment, and you've inspired me to make my own!

  2. WWaaaaaWwhhoooOOOOoooo I am so excited and hope you win!! Congrats girlie!

  3. Congrats!! I voted and tweeted..good luck:-)

  4. I voted for you! Good luck! Hey if you happen to drop by Vintage Revival look me up... I'm contestant #78! She is doing a room makeover and I oh so want to make it into the finals. Yep I've started begging everyone I know and some that I don't to vote for me. See we are having an addition built and I LOST my decorating fund. or rather the state of Indiana internal revenue service took it. Yep we had to pay state taxes.... its a long story and somewhat sad because in over 25 years I have NEVER had to pay out at tax time.

    Good luck and I told a ton of people I know to vote for you!!! :)

  5. Congrats and I voted I loved those curtains when you 1st shared them

  6. You've got my vote! If I didn't say so in your original posting -your curtains are AWESOME! (I can sign on to 2 more computers after I get a new router today...) Good Luck!

  7. I just came across your blog today, and love it! You have so many great projects. The stenciled curtains look GREAT!

    I'm your newest follower :)


  8. and your "knock off" looks a million times better! so bright and cheery.

  9. Woo hoo! YOu ROCK girl! I just saw that you won!! Way too go... congratulations!

  10. I found your blog today through Someday Crafts. I am now a follower. I would love to make a lamp like you did. I know have my eye out for a cheap one at the thrift stores.

  11. HI Heather! Congrats on the win! I have sent you a few emails so if you haven't received them please let me know! We want to get you your fabulous prizes!


  12. Gasp! The result is phenomenal! I love the light, airy transformation. Thanks for the inspiration and congrats on your win! :)


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