14 June 2011

The Perks of a Side Job

Some of my side jobs are:
  • Tutoring (SAT/ACT prep)
  • Hospital Homebound Teacher
  • Sponsoring Student Council at the high school
Together, we work:
  • Teaching (English and Special Ed at the high school)
  • SAT/ACT for College Board (I am the testing coordinator for our test center, and he is the hall monitor)
  • Coaching (Competition Cheer for me; wrestling for Rusty)
  • Waters Mill (I bus tables, and Rusty is the bar tender)
Ok - I am super busy.  I mean, people get tired just looking at me.  Everyone is always making fun of us because we work so much.  We do!  What everyone doesn't understand is that this is all I know!!  AND...that I lounge just as hard on my down days.  I mean JUST AS HARD!  I won't leave the house for 24 hours on an off day sometimes, and I might only then leave the couch to trade Rusty for the loveseat.  I do require a pay check at all places, so I always tell everyone that they shouldn't feel sorry for me...they should hop on board with me!!

What's my real point?  What are the perks of a side job?  Other than the OBVIOUS pay check perk, one of my jobs offers some pretty special bonuses each and every time I work there.
I have worked for Waters Mill for three seasons now.  Here is how the owner, my boss, describes the facility:

Waters Mill is a full service event facility nestled deep in the North Georgia Mountains. The house is part of the Waters Estate and has remained in the family since the 1700’s. The Waters brothers traveled from Virginia, settling in the North Georgia Mountains where they began their lives as farmers. The Waters family farmed the land and built the existing farmhouse. The original pine floors throughout the house were hand hewn and laid by the brothers from a mill located on the property, thus the name Waters Mill.

Other than getting to work in a gorgeous historic home with the family who runs it, I get to taste gourmet cuisine, see amazing floral designs and breathtaking centerpieces and drool over immaculate landscaping.  The entire place is inspiring and refreshing.  I mean, you are sharing the happiest day in a couple's life with them!

But here's the best secret about this side job...you get to bring home the beautiful centerpieces.  And these aren't like scoring a free bouquet from Publix.  These flowers are professionally prepped and last well up to two weeks in my home!!!

Just take a look at some of the more recent arrangements I brought home:
I am uber spoiled!!!  I worked a wedding this weekend where the bride took home her flowers...I had to hide my mean-mug-glare I was sporting.  Seriously, though...other than some cash-money tips to bring home, what could be better!

Check Waters Mill out here, here and here.  Book a wedding.  Drop my name.  We can negotiate if you get to take your flowers home!


  1. I didn't know you lived in the North Georgia mountains! I went to Truett McConnell-- do you know where that is?


  2. @Bonnie - Yep! I know exactly where that is. I live in Dahlonega!

  3. I do homebound and coach cheer too! :)

  4. That is a perk.....and you do work a lot, haha..maybe that is why we are such buddies in this little blog world. I miss you girl. Once boards are done....maybe I can swing a trip to come visit. And yes...I totally just invited myself. :)



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