30 October 2011

Slide Beneath My Sheets

Nothing like waking up early and getting the perfect light to photograph my new guest bed linens!  These came in about 2 months ago, but ..... just but.  B.u.s.y.
I'm not going to lie; our guest bedroom is beginning to feel like a little resort.  Rusty walked in there yesterday after I had spruced it all up and told me it looked better than our bedroom!  This is true.  We waller in bedding like bulldogs and have worn out the comforter...time to shop!
I got this Madison Park Sasha 6 Piece Duvet Set at Designer Living on sale for $83.00 with free shipping! 
Now - who's coming to stay with me?!
See the total transformation here and here.

16 October 2011

Fall Tablescape and Mantlescape 2011

I have never been one who like to be alone.  It has been a challenge for me to sit at home for a few hours on a Friday night with Rusty coaches his team.  In fact, I ended up signing up to sell tickets for the 1st half of his games to occupy my time.  I never want to eat alone.  I will wait until Rusty gets home to eat with him.  But one day last week, I got a wild hair and went to a local pumpkin patch with an empty truck and two $20s....all my myself.  I spent about 1 hour and bought a wagon full of fall. 
After a few hours at home, I came up with this dining room tablescape and mantlescape.  Enjoy!
Notice I just used a box of Uncle Ben's rice to fill the vases with my left over stems from Waters Mill.  I also played around with stacking and propping the pumpkins all different ways.

I am also planning on taking a large mirror from my dad's shop, doing a little Vintage Revival's treatment and trading out the clock for the mirror.  Stop by in a week or see and see my updates.

Like the clock?  Check out my tutorial for it here.

How often do you change out your tablescapes, mantlescapes or shelves?  I mean - are they ever really "done"?  Once we get them the way we like them, don't we all just start of different ways to do the next one?

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