15 February 2011

For Your Eyes Only

For over three hours on Saturday, Reginia at The Not So Modern Family and I wove up and down the aisles of Scott Antique Market in South Atlanta.  We are armed with a little cash and our cameras.  We walked away with a few things and tons of inspiration.  Let your eyes enjoy:

Shutters.  Shutters.  And.  More.  Shutters!

Wanted this for my dining room ... so bad!
Letter Graveyard.  They started at $20.
What's up with me a nude women?!  This thing was about 7' tall.
I love it...I could do without the crack, though.
Creative storage.
Storage or future light fixtures.
I bought a similar fixture as the top one at a thrift store last week for $2.99.
Notice the PB looking fixture on the bottom?  It had a $650 price tag!
Ladders were everywhere.  I am dying to find one in my price range.
What did I buy?
I picked up these old numbers and skeleton keys for under $15.00.  I plan to shadow box them.  The 2003 represents when our two hearts became one...dude, and it's not even Valentine's Day!  

What about you guys?  Do you like to shop to buy or shop for inspiration or both?  Would you have been able to walk away from all of this eye candy and only spend 15 bones?


  1. Wow, I am in shutter heaven! I would have loved that place.

  2. oooooo loving your finds!! I cant decide whats my favorite piece! Do you have a significance to the numbers you chose?? :)

  3. Oh great stuff! I would have given in for sure...

  4. Love everyone of those photos. Not sure why, just inspiring I guess! :)

  5. Ohhh...I am so jealous now. I almost without TOO much of a problem always walk away from about ANY thing. It has to be beyond amazing and within my range to even keep me intertested. I am sure if I were shopping with you though...I would be enabled to spend a tad more than I am use too.



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