07 February 2011

Ikea Pilgrimage, February 2011

I made the pilgrimage.  The one to Ikea.  I took a virgin with me, too.  We paid our respects, ate some Swedish meatballs and bought a $.59 shopping bag to trek our purchases back to The Promise Land.  It was a divinely inspiring experience.

Reginia and I stopped in for an hour or so before we headed over to the Breman Holocaust Museum to hear a wonderful survivor speak.  We had no list of items we needed, and we were armed with a camera.  We went for inspiration.  We left fulfilled (and full - those meatballs were good!)

Here are some things I just had to remember for inspiration.  Let's face it.  I don't need a reason to take a picture of something.  I just love looking at pretty things!
I love the texture of this basket as well as this size; however, I really love the $3.99 price of the drop wiring kit that I can use to change out my dining room lighting with a nice, big drum shade!
I just couldn't resist getting this picture of an awesome frame collage.  All of those white frames and mats make me swoon.
I had a moment when I saw this piece.  I was loving the size and all of the little open faced nooks for baskets and other storage.  This brown wash is everywhere around Ikea right now.  Oh, and the price....made me yell...$149.00
Here, I am inspired to hang double rod curtains.  My living room and dining room already have the white, Vivan curtains.  I love the idea of building visual interest for them by hanging another bar slightly above it and hanging a print or color fabric.  How fun!
After a few hours of seeing these prints, I have an itch to stencil some white sheets to make me a patterned curtain.  I am thinking a white, king, flat sheet, a stencil and some of the current wall color in my bedroom, Grey Matters by Sherwin Williams.  The print would blend perfectly and I could hang an accent curtain on the outside.  My new favorite color to pair with grey and white...yellow!  I'm about to break bad with some yellow in the master.
I am loving the print on this pillow.  Notice the birdies!
I seriously should have grabbed one of these.  It is a 4'x6' rug for...$19.00!  It was a beautiful grey with a print that would work anywhere.  Such a good deal!
I love this sketch so much.  Not for $15.99, though.  I am thinking a piece of card stock and a sharpie or dry brush with some black paint.  This will be much better for my guests.  They won't be embarrassed to use my bathroom as I was considering doing a little self portrait until I saw this!

With all of this inspiration, I am dying to get to work on starting up some projects around here.  I am seriously thinking some stenciled curtains with a tutorial like this.

Where do you go for inspiration?  Out of all of the projects floating around in your noggin, what is the one you are itching to tackle first?


  1. I had so so so much FUN!
    I am ready to go back, are you free tomorrow haah Juust Kidding - Kinda!

  2. I am dying to go to IKEA! We don't have one in Louisiana, so I am trying to talk some girlfriends into traveling over to Dallas..love the console/soft table, even for 149..you definitely should've gotten the rug, for certain!
    Seeing these pics only makes me want to lose my IKEA virginity even more!

  3. I really like the double rod idea to give a subtle pop of color against white drapes. I am liking white drapes lately.

  4. Ah yes, I was just reading my 2011 Ikea catalog last night... we have to take a ferry ride to get to ours so I usually have a "list" before walking in there but I never get what's on the "list" and change my plans on the spur of the moment - know what I mean? I'm loving that pillow too but I didn't see it in the catalog... hmmm.

  5. I have to ban myself from entering IKEA more than once a year because I want to walk out with half the store every time I go there!!!! Love that rug!!!

  6. I try to go to Ikea when I visit my sis in Atlanta. Love that store! By the way--I gave you a Stylish blogger award today!

  7. New follower! I have been trying to recreate those ikea dressers w the baskets for like 3 months now! Still on the hunt for a cheap dresser I can redo for it!


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