19 December 2010

Chic Christmas

The day after Thanksgiving, Rusty and I went in search of a Christmas tree.  We have always had a cut tree that probably averages about 6'-7'.  However, for the last 3 years, while living in the cabin, we have been without a tree.  I think this played a big role in helping us pick the tree we brought home (that and the wonderful 12'+ ceilings we have!).
We chose a beautiful 9' Frasier Fir which I decorated with white, silver and pearl ornaments.  

(I know the little angle does not exactly match the color scheme, but it is a very special ornament.  Rusty gets me one a year.  He gives it to me on Christmas Eve with a beautifully written note, and this was the first one I ever got!)

Ok - enough teasers.  It is enchanting, really!  Here are a few pictures:

Another new idea I tried was the bow on the top.  I have never made a bow before, so I got online and watched a go-zillion video tutorials on how "easy" it was to make a bow.  After 2 hours of doing and undoing, here is what I ended up with:
Not bad, but if you could only see all of the hot glue and the bread ties that are holding this thing together, you would not think it to look so glamorous!

So far, we have enjoyed our tree for weeks and have every intention of keeping it up until the New Year's Day where we will haul it off to our friends' house for a Christmas tree bonfire!  Rusty has been a champ and watched me decorate it, redecorate it, unstring the 2nd strand of lights that kept going out and restring the 2nd string of lights, reach the high parts for me, change the fuses in my lights...oh, and not to mention, haul all 9' of its beastness into the house.  Here is how he likes to participate in the decorating:
So what about you guys.  Do you have a color scheme this year for your tree?  Do you prefer a real tree over a fake tree?  Or maybe you've got an awesome Christmas tradition that you would love to share!


  1. I love your tree and am envious at the glorious height!! Craig shares the same decorating stance as Rusty -- imagine that! hahah

  2. Your tree is gorgeous! I have my first fake tree in my apt. this year :/ I went with purple b/c it's my favorite color. I thought it might look tacky, but it turned out great (in my opinion)! I also used a bow at the top. However, I am definitely not crafty, so my Mom made it for me! Kudos to you!

  3. Thank, Kristie. I hope to one day have enough rooms for trees in different rooms. I am sure that all of them will not be real trees! I know your mom is so crafty! I bet she did an awesome bow.


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