27 December 2010

Table Talk

Today was a very exciting day.  Rusty and I did our first home project outside of painting a room or hanging a shelf.  We tackled wainscoting.  In the breakfast nook.  Doesn't that sound elegant?  It is much less elegant after hearing why we jumped on making it our first project.  There is a very practical reason behind it.  Two reasons actually.  Those reasons are Hank and Dagny, my hounds.  More than once this winter, our temps in the mountains have stayed in the teens for several days in a row.  That means our little ones come inside for the night and sleep in the kitchen.  It also means that they hound up the drywall in the breakfast nook.

While I can't wait to write my post on the wainscoting and show you some before and after shots, this post is about getting some much needed advice. I need to buy a breakfast table, so I can move my dining room table out of my kitchen and into my dining room.  I know I want a round pedestal table with 4 chairs, and I don't care if the table comes with a leaf.  After we paint the kitchen, it will be a light neutral color with lots of natural lighting.  Our dining room table will be in the room beside it, and it is a dark walnut stain.

Look at some of these beautiful pictures I found out there for inspiration:

To add the most amount of light to the kitchen, I could go for an all white look to tie in with the trim:
I could go with a black table and chairs to tie into my black granite counter tops:
This brown table is just a shade lighter than my dining room table and will tie in nicely with my cabinets:
My eyes are also loving some two toned looks:
furniturefromhome.com (with 4 matching all white chairs)
No matter what I choose, I will try to snag a deal on Craigslist and paint it after one of my inspiration photos!  (I'm kind of bummed because Reginia over at The Not So Modern Family found me a FREE table today on Craiglist, but it was claimed moments before I called).

So what do you guys think?  I'm torn.  Should I go for a solid table/chair?  If so, which one?  What do you think of the two toned look?  They are pretty hot right now....

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  1. I say no to white...particularly on the cushions. I have egg shell cushions on my formal dining room chairs. I'll bet I haven't used that table more than 20 times in 20 years and the cushions look HORRIBLE!! They are stained from people (adults, mostly,) dropping food on them. And white legs on your table will get scuffed with dark shoe marks. I am in favor of something not containing white. Just my opinion!!


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