21 December 2010

Vintage Splendor

Confession: I am in love.  Obsessed.  Smitten.

The victim, anything Mercury Glass.  I don't know what it is about it.  Maybe it is the confusing shade that blends silver and gold.  Or the nostalgic feel it gives me when looking at its tarnished finished.  It could be the way that it goes with any decor, both modern and traditional.  Or the way it casts a swampy glow on my walls.  Whatever it is, I hope it stays <3

The first time I saw Mercury Glass this season was in Kohl's.  I snagged these chunky candlesticks on sale for about $14.00 total.
The second item I found were these little votive candle holders.  I think they would go well as a centerpiece on a mirrored tray with the candlesticks for height.  I found these at Bed Bath and Beyond for 99 cents each!
Here is another picture that shows the "silvering" technique that is used to make mercury glass.
For Christmas, my mom gave me this beautiful hurricane lamp.  She left the label on the bottom, so I know it came from Michael's.  I am sure she got it for a steal of a deal!
It looks lovely on my mantle right now.

Yesterday, I found these vintage mercury glass ornaments in a little antique store on the Square.  They were still in the original box.  All 12 of them only ran me $6.99.  I will more than likely display these in a glass apothecary jar.  I also love how some of them are light blue, a great color that will add a pop to any neutral color palette.  
(Here is a link to a DIY project for making new ornaments look vintage.  To me, they are a quick way to give an ornament a faux mercury glass makeover for free!)

I popped into Pottery Barn Outlet today and got this little ornament for $1.97. It is their featured sale item of the week.

Just like words, once you learn a new one, you hear it everywhere you go.  Well, open any popular decor magazine, and you will find mercury glass.  I have found great items in Pottery Barn and West Elm.  Here are a few pictures of the beautiful mantelscapes and tablescapes you can create with this textured glass:

Do you own anything mercury glass?  What about your obsessions this season?  What is it about something vintage that we all just fall in love with?


  1. Ummm...our DNA MUST be linked. I use the word smitten...I LOVE LOVE LOVE Mercury glass. Oh my...if you say you use the word swoon....I might pass out.


  2. I love love love Mercury Glass. I just bought an assortment of silver etched pumpkins I found at Tjmaxx. They look just like Pottery Barn. I seen some orange pumpkins I would like to mix with for a touch of fall. They were at Gordmans , but their quality didn't look that good. Do you have to shop to find good Mercury Glass? By the way you taste and pictures are unbelievable, if I were only that talented.


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