08 April 2011

Scribbling at Midnight

It's no secret; I have a slight infatuation with sketches of the female body.  I think they would look so perfect in a private master bathroom.  When I see one, I always consider buying it.  I found some here at Ikea and here at the Scott Antique Market. However, in the back of my mind, I always thought that I could do a simple sketch myself...even though I have NO artistic ability and even screw up drawing stick figures!!

Well, last night I decided to do it.  I bought a 16x20 canvas at Hobby Lobby for $3.50 and found a pencil in my office.  I practiced an idea of a sketch about four times until I felt comfortable drawing it out on the canvas (I know, big risk...$3.50.  Why is it we are so scared to even TRY some new idea?)

I laughed and laughed as I was drawing these.  
Here, let me write some captions:

  1. After sitting on the couch for hours and hours watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta and eating cheese and crackers, I had to peel myself off of the couch to get a coke.
  2. I got through horseback riding and my bottom half just stayed this way.
  3. I played a rough game of all-girl soccer, and I was the goalie.
  4. I am Kim Kardashian's body double for nude scenes (yeah right, lol!)

Here is what I ended up with.
I am trying to decide if she looks too well endowed, haha!  Since it is only pencil, I can just go back and redo any parts I don't like.
From here, I am trying to decide if I want to keep it as a pencil sketch, go over it with smoky charcoals, dry brush it black or dry brush it several different colors. 

What do you think?


  1. she is a bit blessed! lol ;) but i think you did a great job.. and bravo for taking the risk! love the charcoal idea.. but curious w/ the multi colors too. gee.. i'm no help at all! :P

  2. Love the sketch! I used to draw nudes from life, and it was hard. These are great. Charcoal won't fade, so you might want to go with that.

  3. I will be of no help. I have no idea about drawing/sketching. But, I think you did a great job!
    I wish I were so blessed! lol

  4. This is so classy!! I love it!

  5. I think this is beautiful! Good on ya for braving something new...
    And that is one big boob!


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