03 March 2011

Hide and Seek

Hello!  I hope you are are having a great day.  I woke up this morning angry at my husband who, in my dreams, also decided to start dating my mother while we were married.  Does anyone else do that...get made at people for what they did in your dreams?  I don't know how many times I will wake up and start smacking him beside me!  To ease the pain of the dream, I enjoyed a lovely bowl of Cocoa Crisps and a new bottle of L'Oreal shampoo!  We carpooled to work where were were stopped before we were able to pull into the teacher parking lot and told, "Sir, you are going to have to turn right to drop her off in the student drop off area."  I mean seriously, I have been teaching here for 4 years!  I am filing that one away for a bad day in my later years!

Anyhoo....In the last two weeks, I have been stepping out of my comfort zone.  Starting this blog was a HUGE step for me, and I guess after a little over 3 months of blogging, I bit off a little more.  I have been dabbling in other forms of social networking. 

If you are seeking me, let me show you where all I am hiding:

Facebook:  If you look on the right toolbar, you can now "Like" {twenty}something on Facebook.

Twitter:  If you would like to follow me on Twitter (warning: sometimes I get crazy), you can click the icon on the right toolbar or search Twitter for twentysomethng (notice there is no "i").

Pinterest:  My new obsession!  At this lovely site, you can create "boards" that are just like folders on your computer where you can "pin" pictures of things you like onto different boards that you can rename.  I used to do the same thing to folders on my computer and right click and save.  To follow me on Pinterest, go here.  You can see my boards and repin anything you like or send me stuff you think I would like.  It does a great job of creating a way more visual representation of your style than folders on your computer can do!  My boards are "My Style", "Future Projects", "Recipes", etc.

Stumble Upon:  If you love Pandora or Slacker Radio, you will love Stumble Upon.  It is a website that allows you to click the "Stumble" button and random websites will pop up.  For each site, you click the thumbs up or thumbs down symbol and the page either stays or goes away.  It memorizes your interests and starts feeding you more of what you love!!  Also, anything you like is saved into a "favorite" out in the www, and you can go back to it to find something it showed you.  You have no idea how many new blogs I have found this way.  I have even had some of your blogs "Stumble" onto  my screen.  Very exciting!  To find what I "like" on Stumble Upon, go here.

As always, there is a vicious cycle that could occur.  If you venture outside of your box, you might find that you start stumbling and pinning what you find only to send a tweet letting others know and blogging about it and posting your blog post to Facebook!  See what I mean.  However, it will be a blast, and you will walk away with more eye candy, inspiration and possible friendships than ever!

How about you?  Are you reluctant when comes to trying out these new networks, or are they old news that I just found out about?  Do you think they have staying power, or do you think they are just an new version of the uncool MySpace?


  1. I think it's hilarious that someone thought you were a student - you will definitely appreciate it someday!

  2. I'm busy enough as it is to do the other stuff - I'll just stick with blogging but hey, you go girl!

  3. oh if my hubs saw this post he'd be pulling away my laptop! :P seriously, he'd say, "step slowly away from the computer, love" LOL but you already know me well enough to know i'm heading straight over to check out your inspirations! tee hee :)

  4. Geez I bet you want to smack the person who lead you~kicking and screaming~to those new places hahaha

    Too bad -- You can't! Neener Neener

    You can do like me, set aside an hour or two in the evening to play on all those. Pinterest in my fave at the moment but SU ties into that so it all works ;)

    Totally gonna remember the "Sir you have to drop her off in the student area" hahahah wait till I tell C!

  5. I have to ask! when does it ALL end? They keep coming up with more and more social thingies! I am part of pinterest, but have only been there when I signed up.
    Trying to stumble more...not sure how much my ole brain can take! LOL
    have a great weekend!
    Circle of Bliss!

  6. My husband teases that I get mad at him about stuff that only happens in my dreams too.

    I have facebook that I use to keep up with family and friends from high school and twitter that I use quite a bit but really is only interesting to people wondering what i'm watching, my kids are doing, or maybe what I'm cooking or eating, so the interesting part is relative.

  7. I'm just getting comfortable with twitter! :-) My hubby or kiddos will put a lock on my laptop if I find another place to be "social"! But I think I may have to try pinterest....

  8. OH that is so choice... and what a compliment! Being thought of as a student... :)

    I am slower than molasses but wanted to finally stop by and say hello! I dropped over via Circle of Bliss.. yep I thought it was a great idea from the beginning but have been a little slow on the uptake! (we won't go there... I'm always a little slow on the uptake these days! ha ha!) but I am now following you!! :) I really enjoy your blog and fresh ideas (trust me I need all the "fresh" ideas I can get right now!!)

    Once again it is nice meeting you! Drop by for a visit... :)


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