02 March 2011

I have an announcement....

If you are reading this and you know me, NO, I am not preggo.  There is no bun in my oven.  I am not even on preheat!  This is bigger.  This is better.  Epic success.

After posting here about my present design dreams, I was bound a determined to find a ladder.  Lucky for me, my grandfather-in-law ran a 40+acre cow and chicken farm for years and has lots of old "farm" stuff.  I told him what I was looking for, and he lined up about EIGHT ladders for me to choose from...for free!  Needless to say, I sized them up and down like Charlie Sheen does his women and brought one home!  Readers, I introduce to you, my shabby AUTHENTIC farm ladder.
It is a 6' ladder.  I know I wasn't looking for an A frame ladder, but hear me out.  This is better.  After a few quick drill turns in reverse, I can take off the hardware and have TWO identical ladders!  This is all that is holding the ladder together.
So, my plans are to take apart the ladder and move them around the house.  I know one will go in my master.  The other will probably rotate around the dining room, the kitchen, the office the guest room, front porch or the entryway. Haha, ok....anywhere!  The only place it can't go is in a bathroom for towels, because there is no wall open for it to prop up on.  That's ok - the bathroom is the most popular place people like to use them anyway.  They will be more fun to utilize in other rooms.

Here are my plans - dry brush one of the ladders white for my bedroom.  I want that shabby-chic-looks-like-I-used-to-be-painted-white-but-I-was-used-on-a-farm-for-40-years look.  I would like to dry brush the other ladder, too, but in a color.  It will have to be a color that fits into my color palette, so I can rotate it around.  I am also thinking that I might make a stencil and dry brush some black numbers on the rungs.

For now, I am just waiting for the weekend to get started.  Ultimately, I am waiting for March 13th.  Yes.  That, my friends, is when daylight savings time starts!!  That means that I will start seeing my house in the daylight again.  I can take pictures for the blog during the week.  I can work on painting projects Monday-Fridays after work as well as the limited time I find on the weekend.  Can I get an a-men?!  I know I am not the only one out there counting down the days!

Please, fill up my comment box with ideas of what to do with my two new ladders.  Colors?  Rooms?  Decorating ideas?  I love getting your inspiration.


  1. Hee Hee, this is so funny!

    WHENEVER I hear(or in this case, see)"I have an announcement", I automatically assume pregnancy!

    But nevertheless, I LOVE your sweet ladder :)

  2. great ladder! {ladders} i think you could mount it to the wall and use as shelves, not just for hanging towels! :)

  3. Book shelf?Love them I am always looking for them too not many around this area tho and only thing for me is I have Grandkids who like to climb everything so there would be some firm rules there.Cant wait to see what you do with them

  4. ooh, LOVE the ladder(s)! And "not even on preheat"? HILARIOUS! As far as color inspiration, I think the turquoise-y one above is gorgeous - and stenciling numbers sounds great too! Can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  5. I love it and can't wait to see how it turns out!! I want to do something like that too :)

  6. Girl you slay me! Preheat and Charlie Sheen all in one post!! Ahhhhahaah

    In regards to the color -- as long as it is NOT Cream or Gray or Black or White you will make me happy ;) Color babe-- C.O.L.O.R!!

  7. What does Reginia have against gray? :) I like red but it might not fit for your decor. But a dry brushed weathered red could probably work most places!
    so glad you got your ladder(s) !!!

  8. LOVE the ladder. I myself came upon an apple ladder a couple years back and bought it for a whopping $2.00 at auction. It was 16 feet long. Cut it in three even pieces. One became my hanging pot rack, another I sold to a customer through my store, and the third piece my neighbor begged me for. We are all quite happy with our Ladders :-)
    Looking forward to the after shots!

    Circle of Bliss

  9. They are pretty- What a lucky break.

  10. I love the paint color on the aqua ladder. Gorgeous. You're so lucky to have such a kind grandfather.


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