14 March 2011

Evolution of the Breakfast Nook

I've kept a secret.  Rusty and I have been working away on the kitchen and breakfast nook redo.  My perfectionist side is begging me not to post this since it is not "done", but EVERYONE knows that before and during pictures rock almost as much as after pictures.  Let me start at the beginning:
 These are the pictures from the MLS listing when we found our house.
When we moved in, we put the only table we owned in the "breakfast nook" and had an empty dining room.
 Then we added wainscotting (see that post here).
Then our great friend, Rylee, came and painted for us...again (he painted our kitchen, dining room and master bedroom hours after we moved in as well).  He turned our DIY wainscoting job into a piece of art.  The color really opened up the room and brightened it up.  We chose Pearly White by Sherwin Williams.
After moving the table back in and putting the PB Knock-Off light fixture back up, we have our "during" breakfast nook redo!

Here are some other shots of the kitchen.
 Here is a before and during shot to see the difference side by side
What's next?  Curtains, wall decor and color!  I am stuck on the curtains, though.  Any ideas of what I should do? 

Updated Photos:

You can read my tutorial for the stenciled curtains here.

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  1. looking SO much lighter and brighter! loving your forsythia too!

  2. Looks great- I have a question on your pearly white- What undertone would you say it has? And Does it read white? or do you pick up a pale color in it?

    Random questions, I know...But help a girl out.

  3. Love, love , love this! It's crazy how wainscoting and the right paint color can just make a room pop. We are working on our little eat in area in our kitchen. Hopefully it turns out as lovely as yours.

    And thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. It looks fab-U-lous!! I can't wait to see the COLOR your going to bring in and the curtains(still on the hunt for a stencil or something cool!)

  5. lookin' good! :)

  6. Absolutely adore seeing this project come together, you have impeccable taste!

  7. Looks great! We are also re-doing our kitchen. I'm horrible with window treatments. I'm currently trying to decide on a type of curtain for our living room. Can't wait to see what you decide on and for the final "after" pictures!

  8. Love this (and stumbled it!) I love the subtle yet drastic change the paint made. I also love that fixture you created. Can't wait to see how it's finished!

  9. Love it! The beadboard really makes it cozy!


  10. Love love the wainscotting! Everything is so much brighter. And loving your dining table as well! :)

  11. Love, love the round table, wainscoting and the fantastic light fixture. Great work!

  12. love it all! I guess I missed this post somehow the first time around! :)

  13. great kitchen ~ love the curtains!


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