23 January 2011

Breakfast Nook Redo - During

This weekend, my dad delivered my free Craiglist table to add to my breakfast nook redo.  I was so excited to see if the ideas from some of my inspiration tables would work.  Rusty and I set it up in the breakfast nook to check on size.  It is a 48" table, and we needed to still be able to open a pantry and back door in the nook.
The size is PERFECT!  However, there is one small problem.  {And I say small because how big could a problem be when the goods are FREE?}  The only problem is that the table top itself is not wood.  In order for us to be able to stain it to match the chairs we already have, we need to be able to strip it.  Here are some close up pictures of each of the pieces for you to see.
Wood pedestal
Salvageable wooden trim 
Wood veneer top
Here is our inspiration photo.  We already have the four walnut stained chairs.  We will need to paint the pedestal and trim white and stain the table top.
How will we press on?  We called up our friends at Black Mountain Furniture {who also made our custom office built-ins} to build us a table top.  They are able to cut it to size and leave it natural for us to stain to match our chairs!

I am still working on getting that room painted, hanging some curtains, getting a drum shade and putting some plates on the wall.  We are very much in the "during" stage.

What's the best free item you ever scored?


  1. That is a gorgeous inspiration photo!

    I have to say, the best free item I've ever scored is a solid simple night/end table. It had layer upon layer of pastel paints from when a family member had it in her daughters room for 10+ years. I stripped, sanded and stained it and it's gorgeous now!

  2. Hmmm....the best item I ever scored was probably my entertainment center. It is a PB knockoff that I got on CLEARANCE at JCPenney's for mere pennies. No joke...it was so cheap I was scared to see if it looked ok. :)

    I am anxious to see the results...great score my dear. :)



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