24 January 2011

Thriftiquing 1-23-11



1.  the finding of antique/vintage items but for reasonable prices at thrift stores and such.
2. a way to burn hours upon hours and effectively avoid housework
3. a friendly competition requiring quick optic reflexes
4. a form of shopping that will lead to vocal outbursts of prices and analysis of deals that will have people coming over to see what is wrong making you paranoid that they are attempting to snatch up your find before you do

2010; Reginia @ The Not So Modern Family

For about two hours today, Reginia and I spent some time in the local antique stores on Dahlonega's square.  We had NOTHING in mind that we wanted but knew these stores had plenty that we needed!  Here are some pictures of what I came home with.
When I saw these vintage tin canisters, I wandered up to them to look at the price.  Upon discovering that they were only $6.00, I yelled the price out loud {to myself} and snatched them up as about 3 different people came around the corner.  Thanks to Regina's Blackberry, we found these same items on Etsy for about $10.00 each {not including shipping}.  Deal!
I have been eyeballing some wire baskets to try to bring a little texture and industrialism to my decor.  What I loved about this one was the unique rectangular shape.  I am thinking it would look awesome on my rectangular dining room table with some mason jars of flowers spilling out.
I grabbed this vintage, real wood oval frame for $5.00.  I am thinking I will paint it and distress it to hang on a wall or prop up on a mantle as an empty frame.

This last picture will really help you understand the true nature of Thriftiquing.  Just like I shouted about the canisters, I crawled onto the floor when I saw this 18-drawer mini apothecary piece.
Did you think I was kidding!  It was an emotional reaction.  I brought it home and am playing around with all of the places I could put it and all of the things I can keep in it.  The office for pens, pencils, stamps.  The bathroom for make-up brushes, Q-Tips, razors.  My closet for earrings, bracelets, necklaces.  The kitchen for ......?

Antiquing is in my blood!  I grew up working in my grandmother's, E.I.'s, booth.  I furnished my own bedroom with antique furniture that she would put on her own personal lay-away program.  Now, I have carried it on as it has morphed into Thriftiquing.

What about you?  Can you tolerate going through aisles and aisles of booths waiting for something to talk to you, or would you rather just flip open the Pottery Barn catalog for a reproduction?


  1. You can Thank me later for awesome words and BB lookups haha I totally think you should frame the last photo -- it is my fave and would look awesome on in the office ;)

  2. OMG...O.M.....G!

    I love the apothecary set...hmmm...as a future apothecarist I MUST have one. I love the frame...love the baskets. I want to go shopping with you. There I said it...it is out there.


  3. i would have passed out at the apathocary piece!! And ps, I LOVE your hair!!


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