16 January 2011

A Post-Dated Goodbye

I was in the middle of working on a great craft post (future link here) on Wednesday when I had to drop everything, spend 30 minutes packing, cleaning out the fridge, writing directions for feeding my dogs, turning off the thermostat and trek out into the snow for a cruise.  Yes.  Trek.
Let me back up.  Atlanta SHUT DOWN on Sunday when about 8" of snow fell in about 3 hours.  We canceled school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  It was Wednesday at about 4:30 when my Blackberry alerted me that they went ahead and closed Thursday AND Friday as well.  Although crazy....this was perfect for me!  I had taken two personal days (Thursday and Friday) to go on a cruise for "staff training" for my 4th side job of working for Waters Mill Events Facility.  (Yes, I have an awesome boss!)  Thanks to the snow, my personal days were converted to FREE snow days!
Our plan: leave about 2 A.M. on Thursday morning to drive to Port Canaveral to board the boat.  Reality: Atlanta was about to freeze over again for Snowmageddon 2011 part deux.  Rusty made the manly call at 4:00 to leave at 4:30.  P.M.  On Wednesday.  Hence the 30 minute frenzy of throwing stuff in a bag.

Back to the "trek".  I choose my words wisely.  Since our driveway was more fit for a performance of the Ice Capades than a parking lot, we knew we weren't getting our truck out of there or our friend's car up there.  We left for the Bahamas in hats, gloves, coats, scarves and boots and TREKKED out of our neighborhood and to the main road to catch our ride.  Yes, we were committed employees ready for our staff training.  :)
I blame the ugly face on the cold.
Action shot!
Bahama Bound.
Selfishly, instead of finishing up my craft post tonight that I was working on on Wednesday, I spent about 1 1/2 hours catching up on my nightly blogstalking of the great authors I follow which was compounded by the 4 days I missed while I was gone!  So, for those of you who I was planning on politely saying goodbye to, Hello!  You all did some great posts that I am about to go back and comment on.  I have plenty of time to play tonight considering I took about 4 hours of naps in the car and have no kids at my teacher work day tomorrow!
Note: I am not this tall..  I am wearing some fierce 5" heels.
The sun was so bright it was hard to smile, lol!

I love how I experienced such extreme opposites of ice/snow and The Bahamas all within 24 hours!

What's the craziest vacation experiences you can look back at and chuckle about?  


  1. I do not like the Sunshine photos ;)

    Welcome Home!

  2. Love it....thank you for treking the conditions to join our staff training. It was great fun

  3. You are guys are SOOO cute! The most crazy vacation event was on our honeymoon and we stood over 6 hrs in the rain in a HUGE line to go to midnight Mass with Pope John Paul II. My grandmother paid for our honeymoon as long as we went to Mass. It was one of the coldest night in our lives...and we when FINALLY GOT IN...I had to pee. I almost got locked out of the church b/c the potty is outside. It was insane..cold, wet, and insane...But we LOVE the story. {there is much more...but that is the most I will publicly show}


  4. I have plenty of those kinds of stories, but no time to tell them. Revisiting them in my mind has made me smile today. I have to mention that I love your husband's hat. ;) I am originally from Pittsburgh living in the south! It's nice to know that there are Steeler fans wherever we go!


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