18 January 2011

Don't Judge!

Perfect timing!  I was feeling guilty for getting home from vacation almost 3 days ago and still living out of my suitcase AND for being off for almost 27 days out of the last 31 (Christmas Break and Snow Day Week) and still having parts of my house in an embarrassing mess...UNTIL...I found lots of  long, lost sisters in the same boat over at Decor Chick's Linky Party.

{Mom, turn your head}

Dirty Little Secret #1:  The Office
What had happened was...Even though I have these great built-ins for storage, Rusty and I spent a day filling them and organizing them with the contents of the closet and making all of those piles to file, box up, go through, etc.  They are still sitting there.
Dirty Little Secret #2:  The Laundry Room
No wonder I have used my garden tub as a dirty clothes basket and found 9 dryer sheets in the pile of clothes below.
Such a Slacker!
Who wants to do laundry in such an unorganized laundry room!?  Thankfully, I am 1/2 through with a little laundry room makeover that I can't wait to finish and share.

{Warning: Only the strong of heart should proceed.  Even then, say a quick prayer}

Here's the deal.  My final space is not IN my house.  It is an extension of my home.  I spend more time with it than I do my home, so I'm counting it.  If you know me, you know this is my nemesis, a formidable and usually victorious opponent...

Dirty Little Secret (Read as: Obvious Problem) #3:  The Cavalier (this time...it has also been The Buick, The Escort and The Monte Carlo)
No matter what, I only keep it clean for about 2 weeks.  I literally get in and throw stuff into the back seat.  Things go there to die.  On a positive note, I can probably outfit myself for about a week without coming home.  Let's just say, I don't have a Mary Poppins' bag; I have a Mary Poppins' car.

Am I stressed?  Nope.  I still fill my time up with things more important.  For instance, last night I left the dishes in the sink, threw the cushions off of the couch and cuddled up under my favorite E.I. quilt with the hubs for a 2 1/2 hour movie!  Tonight?  Well, it's Biggest Loser and a bowl of ice cream.

In all seriousness, Decor Chick's Linky Party is a big eye opener.  For all of us. We must remind ourselves that on the blogs we stalk, those beautiful pictures are very well thought out and possibly even Photoshoped.  Tip the camera down or around a few degrees, we are likely to see the actual photos we are all posting.  Some are extreme cases that give us a few laughs, but most are just the daily lived in look that proves how rich our lives are with activities, friends and loved ones who distract us from being too consumed with perfection.

What's your dirty little (clean) secret?!


  1. Oh my dear...I am only in shock because WE ARE SISTERS. Do not feel embarrassed....you work, you have so much going on. You are so real...not perfect. In the virtual world, we can be anything...even a PB catalog, but your dirty secrets are my reality EVERY day. :) I love you for this.


  2. If only I had Photoshop...oh, the fun! If I did, I don't think my middle troll would teach me how to use it, though. He's all into movie making at the age of 13 and insists he needs "The Suite"...
    I am glad to see an enormous number of people who just so happen to be NORMAL! :)

  3. Oh my gosh ... this post cracked me up! I am definitely going to check out the other party participants! Too funny!

  4. Don't ever have kids ! Hahahahahahaha. Holli

  5. I just did a series of posts on my Dirty Little Secret- my large walk-in storage closet/pantry! I'll be sure to check back to see your Afters

  6. Oh my goodness! I totally understand this post! My laundry is in the basement, so clothes usually just get thrown down the stairs until we run out of underwear and I have to sort and do all the laundry. I typically have to take the entire weekend to do laundry... And don't even get me started on MY car! ;) Thanks for being real with us!

  7. I know I said I wanted to come stay in your office/guest room... But I take that back! I would have an anxiety attack. I'll come over and help you clean it! :)

  8. A Mary Poppins' car--now that is original. It sure did give me a laugh for the day. I'm off to finish cleaning for before my 50 or so guests arrive this afternoon! I hope they don't look under the beds! hehehehe

  9. I didn't realize there was a post at Decor Chick on this, but I'm really glad you posted this because I recently shared a picture of what my bedroom looks like when it's messy - and someone told me I "had nerve" to post something like that. But I truly believe in keeping it real!!!

  10. I can't tell you how much this makes me feel better about the pile of dishes I have sitting in my sink! And my messy craft table!


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