07 January 2011

Guilt Free Office

It's no secret.  There is no bun in my oven.  My oven is not even on pre-heat.  Let's get real.  Not only have Rusty and I not even been to the store, we haven't even made the shopping list!

The good news?  Our 3rd bedroom is a GUILT FREE office.

Back in June, Rusty and I commissioned Black Mountain Furniture to design our custom built-ins.  We desperately needed them.  Between the two of us, we had enough books to fill up the bed of Toyota Tacoma.  It quickly became an issue when we got them all in one room.
Since Black Mountain Furniture is local, they came out to our house to measure and draw out plans.  After asking us a few questions, they had a complete vision and got to work.  After about three weeks, they were calling to set up an installation date.  Thankfully, Rusty and I had gone through our books and pared them down.  We forced ourselves to only keep one or two copies of Fahrenheit 451Animal Farm and Atlas Shrugged, and I finally talked Rusty into only keeping his favorite Dean Koontz books instead of every one he ever read.

Here are some pictures of the built-in bookshelves and free standing desk:
Since the owners of BMF just happen to be our good friends, Craig and Reginia, they stayed over for dinner and Reginia staged them really quickly to get some pictures for her website

*Note - these would be about 1/4th of the books we kept.  What did we do with the rest of them?  Well, we boxed up the manuals, textbooks and other resources and stored them in the basement.  We donated about 2 boxes to a book drive at our school.  The BEST thing we did was list them on Paperback Swap and earned credits for new books we were dying to read.

We absolutely love the built-ins.  The detached desk is a great feature because it allows us to be flexible where we want the piece to go, and it allows for us to open the room up as a make-shift guest bedroom.

Do you have a space that you think would benefit from built-ins or special storage? What ideas do you have in mind for them?  


  1. Wow, great job! I love the bird statues on the top shelf.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Kelly. They are from the Pottery Barn Outlet. I think the pair of them cost me about $16, and they are really heavy! I've got a "bird thing" going on right now!


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